Baby Diaper Burning Machine

25,000.00 20,500.00

By using this SARA Diaper Burning Disposal Machine, easily destroys the used baby diaper by hygienic and eco-friendly method


· Easy Operation: Switch it on forget.

· Safe to use

· Easy to install and operate on any wall

· Instant disposal with Auto-Off mechanism

· Economically priced

· Environment-friendly

· Emission outlet pipe for smoke dissipation

How to use: Put the diaper in the window provided switches it on. Diaper gets burnt the machine gets automatically switched off within 15-20 minutes.

Machine Body: Mild steel sheet with epoxy powder coated

Safety cut off: By means of Miniature Circuit breaker (MCB)


  1.  Price including GST18%, Packing and Door delivery
  2. We will send installation CD & instruction manual sent along with machine.       

                         Installation charge will be applicable.

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