• Small Sanitary Napkin Incinerator Machine

    15,500.00 12,700.00

    Sara Equipments - We offer Sanitary Napkin Incinerator which is used for hygienic disposal of sanitary napkins. It has an automated function, whereby, it can switch off automatically after the incineration process gets over. So This machine os safest one. We offered this machine only for wholesalers, dealers, exporters, and resellers.


    • Advance fully automated technology.
    • Just open and close, easy to use.
    • Electrically operated.
    • Wall mountable.
    • Ceramic Insulation for excellent thermal Protection.
    • Auto thermal cut off for the safety of use.
    • Very compact in size, can be mounted inside the toilet.
    • Immediate disposal of soiled Napkins in a very scientific and hygienic way.
    • Front-Opening Door.
    • Inside material made up of Stainless Steel covering for maximum longstanding, outside covered with Mild Steel but here 7 times coating process done. That’s why don’t bother about crust formation.
    • The ash is collected in an Ash Collection tray.
    • Robust construction.
    •  Smell free burning process.
    • Heat up time is quick and operational time is less.
    • Simple installation.
    • Problem-free operation and maintenance.
    • Our created Sanitary Napkin Destroyer strictly meets the norms of Central Pollution Control Board (PCB).
    • Our fabricated construction is easy customization and separate components are easily marshalled at the site. That’s why our manufactured Sanitary Napkin Destroyer is liked by all.

    Standard Specification: Sanitary Napkin Destroyer



    No of person can use (Day Use)






    No of napkin storage


    Napkin Burning / Day




    Body Type                               Material

    Mild Steel

    Heater power

    1200 W

    Dimension are in MM

    275 x 265 x 420



    1.  Price including GST18%, Packing and Door delivery
    2. We will send installation CD & instruction manual sent along with machine.       

                             Installation charge will be applicable.

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